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1991 ITC video vol 1 (UK)

1992 ITC video vol 2 (UK)

1992 ITC video vol 3 (UK)

1992 ITC video vol 4 (UK)

1992 ITC video vol 5 (UK)

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1962 A.&B.C. Gum unnumbered card from set of 40 called Fotostars, with McGoohan on right (UK) 1965 and reprinted 1968 The Second Danger Man Omnibus, with No Way Out and Storm Over Rockall, Consul (UK) 1965 World Distributors annual (UK) 1966 World Distributors annual (UK) 1965 High Wire by Edwin Astley Orchestra (UK)

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1960 Bells board game (UK)

1965 Somportex bubble gum cards, set of 72. Only one front and back shown here, plus wrapper. A Danger Man identity bracelet could be sent for. The brother of this web page creator applied but received only a letter 'from John Drake' saying that the item was not available. He lost the letter, but the cards are still intact! (UK)

1960 A.&B.C.Gum card #18 of set of 70 called Who-Z-At Star? (UK)

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1962 ABC Cinemas card #3 from a set of 10 called Colorstars - 3rd series (UK) (?year) French version of No Way Out novel, Solar (?year) French version of The Exterminator novel, Solar (?year) Destination Danger novel by John Long, Presses de la Cité (France)
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French version of Storm Over Rockall novel, Solar - see also page 151-270+ 1961 Dell comic (USA) 1965 Departure Deferred by W. Howard Baker, Consul  (UK) 1966 Departure Deferred by W. Howard Baker, Macfadden (USA) 2000 Carlton DVD vol 1 (UK)
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2000 Carlton DVD vol 2 (UK) 2000 Carlton DVD vol 3 (UK) 2000 Carlton DVD vol 4  - more due in 2002 (UK) 1966 The Exterminator by W.A Ballinger, Consul (UK) 1966 The Exterminator by W.A. Ballinger (USA)
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1966 Milton Bradley (MB) board game (USA) 1966 Gold Key comic no. 1 (USA) 1968 Gold Key comic no. 1 (USA) 1965 Hell For Tomorrow by Peter Leslie, Consul (UK) 1966 Hell For Tomorrow by Peter Leslie, Macfadden (USA)
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1966 Tower Press jigsaw, of which there were 4 and this is Trouble At The Hotel (UK) 1965 Robbins Top TV Themes, with High Wire sheet music (UK) Mid 60s Los Angeles Herald-Examiner (USA) 1966 sheet music for Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers, see different version below (USA). 1965 Young World Productions comic book, of which there were 2 and this is Kingdom of Fear (UK)
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1984/5 Danger Man Magazine from Six of One issues 1-3. No more were produced but these 3 were later reprinted in part as 4 mini-mags by Six of One - see links on first page (UK) 1966 Secret Agent Meets The Saint album with Edwin Astley Orchestra music, later on CD (USA) (1962) Mexican version of Dell Danger Man comic shown above
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1966 Tower Press jigsaw, of which there were 4 and this is A Dangerous Moment (UK) 1966 No Way Out by Wilfred McNeilly, Consul (UK) 1966 No Way Out by Wilfred McNeilly, Macfadden (USA) Postcard (year and origin unknown) Postcard (year and origin unknown)