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There are very few surviving props from The Prisoner, or original items and so it has never been possible to create a Prisoner museum, although many people have asked about one. Several original items are on display in the Portmeirion Prisoner shop and this webpage is an attempt to create a 'digital Prisoner museum'. The 100 images below are in groups: 1. badges & bicycle designs 2. call sheets 3. costumes & props 4. TV cue cards 5. documents 6. Ron Grainer score manuscript pages 7. KAR 120C photos 8. letters 9. memorabilia 10. publicity photo & cards 11. Jack Shampan set design paintings & sketches. Filming photos are omitted as there are so many production or amateur shots.

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badgcard sm1.jpg (14568 bytes) badgcard sm2.jpg (16823 bytes)
badg-c-sm.jpg (13469 bytes) badg-d-sm.jpg (12665 bytes)

There were two main penny farthing bicycle designs used in The Prisoner. Badges were white or black and sometimes the bicycle emblem faced left, unlike the ones above. Only one Number Two character had a black badge and this had a white numeral, which no other badge had (episode Many Happy Returns). Badges had a metal pin on the back, held by sticky tape and so the pin could become detached.

arr + chimes callsheet-sm-1.jpg (39206 bytes) arr + ffa callsheet-sm-a.jpg (43655 bytes) check callsheet-sm-b.jpg (48216 bytes)
arr + ffa callsheet-sm-c.jpg (37465 bytes) arr + ffa callsheet-sm-d.jpg (45626 bytes) check callsheet-sm-a.jpg (39380 bytes)
girl callsheet sm1.jpg (36451 bytes) tea sm1.jpg (8560 bytes) tea sm2.jpg (9027 bytes)

Shown here are call sheets and refreshment break vouchers, used for the autumn 1966 Portmeirion filming. Below are props, such as the chequered sunglasses and the 'slit spectacles' worn by Number Two in Once Upon a Time. The two pieces of pottery are from an extensive 'Favourite Horsemen' design by Portmeirion and were used on location and also back at the MGM studio in Borehamwood. The two piped blazers worn by Patrick McGoohan appeared in The Schizoid Man and the rosette was seen in Free For All. The Village Story Book was an adapted children's encyclopedia and the village painting was changed by Jack Shampan to show a Portmeirion-like belltower (for The Girl Who Was Death).

check specs.jpg (7436 bytes) wood specs1.jpg (6319 bytes) pottery sm.jpg (9586 bytes)
jacket sm1.jpg (10725 bytes) jacket sm2.jpg (11466 bytes) rosette sm.jpg (9465 bytes)
story sm.jpg (16663 bytes)

Below are two Tally Ho newspapers seen in episodes and to the right is a depiction of all the Prisoner scripts. The working titles for some episodes were different from the final ones. A. B. and C. was Play in Three Acts, or 1, 2 and 3. Checkmate was The Queen’s Pawn. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling was Face Unknown and Once upon a Time was Degree Absolute. Below the Tally Ho newspapers are four television cue cards used before screenings.

villg sm.jpg (26578 bytes)
tallyho sm1.jpg (35508 bytes) tallyho sm2.jpg (37373 bytes) script fronts sm.jpg (46139 bytes)
cueboard-sm.jpg (13371 bytes) cuecard sm1.jpg (12171 bytes)
cuecard sm2.jpg (8460 bytes) cuecard sm3.jpg (8932 bytes)
itcbroch sm.jpg (17264 bytes) brochure inside sm1.jpg (23419 bytes) brochure inside sm2.jpg (19936 bytes)
itcbound sm.jpg (14966 bytes) itcstory.jpg (11250 bytes) synopsis sm1.jpg (23216 bytes)
synopsis sm2.jpg (18822 bytes) synopsis sm3.jpg (27347 bytes) synopsis sm4.jpg (23678 bytes)
synopsis sm5.jpg (17078 bytes) synopsis sm6.jpg (25415 bytes)

Above are the cover and inside pages of the ITV series publicity brochure, the bound pressbook and the episodes story information. The six other pages are from the original synopsis or outline created by story editor George Markstein.

Below are three pages from Ron Grainer's original manuscipt for his Prisoner opening and closing title music and his commercial record release on RCA.

grainer score sm3.jpg (16950 bytes) grainer score sm2.jpg (24661 bytes) grainer score sm1.jpg (22568 bytes)
kar01.jpg (12503 bytes) kar02.jpg (10708 bytes) nearn1.jpg (13122 bytes)
nearn2.jpg (12728 bytes) nearn3.jpg (15010 bytes) street1.jpg (16044 bytes)
street2.jpg (16693 bytes) letter1966.jpg (31457 bytes)

Above are photos of the Prisoner Lotus Seven sports car KAR 120C before it was repainted green and yellow for the series. The car was delivered to Patrick McGoohan by Graham Nearn, the managing director of Caterham Cars (the company which took over production of the marque). At the time Lotus produced the model and so some publicity photos were shot and signed by McGoohan.

The letter alongside was sent to Portmeirion's creator Clough Williams-Ellis by McGoohan. The two letters below are from Everyman Films and the third is from ATV sending an 'explanation' of the series to a puzzled viewer. The interpretations were included on the ATV Newsheet, shown below.

synopsis2a.jpg (12195 bytes) letter big1.jpg (20236 bytes) atv letter1.jpg (33025 bytes)
ace-bk sm1.jpg (12066 bytes) ace-bk sm2.jpg (14215 bytes) ace-bk sm3.jpg (16499 bytes)
atv news sm.jpg (24102 bytes) dinky sm1.jpg (12605 bytes) dinky sm2.jpg (9264 bytes)
rca sm1.jpg (14969 bytes) rca sm2.jpg (13399 bytes) rca sm3.jpg (18027 bytes)
st louis sm.jpg (13191 bytes) tornado sm.jpg (19826 bytes) tv guide sm.jpg (13113 bytes)
tv times sm.jpg (14421 bytes) tv weekly sm.jpg (14838 bytes) TVWorld sm.jpg (11794 bytes)
TVWorld sm1.jpg (18552 bytes) There was not much merchandise arising from The Prisoner and so this section shows some additional items from the time. The three US Ace paperbacks are shown first. Next is the Dinky Toys Mini Moke catalogue picture and model. The 1967 advance copy and release copy of the Ron Grainer Orchestra 7" vinyl record is next, plus the sheet music which was published to accompany the release. The next row shows the US St Louis Post TV magazine, the UK comic TV Tornado and the US TV Guide, below which are the UK TV Times, North American Telegram TV Weekly and UK TV World (two editions). Below is the signed McGoohan publicity photo, which was then reproduced as a card with printed message and finally as a Prisoner publicity card. Lastly, the many Shampan set design paintings and sketches appear, plus the Christmas card he designed for the actors and crew.
portrait sm1.jpg (14405 bytes) portrait sm2.jpg (13268 bytes) portrait sm3.jpg (14454 bytes)
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